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Are you a bar, cafe or restaurant owner?

You are meant for this.

All you need to have is the bartending know-how & supplies. Also, an alcohol off-premise license is required in order for your drinks to be picked-up from our drivers.

Make more of what you have.

You already serve customers cocktails. You already have the fixed costs it takes to.

Why not serve hundreds more at their home?

Earn more through a new delivery stream.

Never thought about adding the “bar” offering to your list of services? Now you can start right away. Hundreds of Londoners are ordering cocktails everyday. Why miss being the shop that makes them?

Super-simple concept.

  • Our users place on-demand orders
  • You prepare the drinks
  • Our drivers pick-up & deliver.

Join us today. Start receiving orders in no time.

Follow the link below to enter your new dashboard for cocktail delivery. Create your merchant account in less than 5 minutes & start receiving orders right away.